RICH REVIEWS: The Mythics Volume 1: Heroes Reborn

Title: The Mythics Volume 1: Heroes Reborn (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Created by Patrick Sobral, Patricia Lyfoung, and Philippe Ogaki
Part 1- Parvati
Script — Philippe Ogaki
Art — Alice Picard
Color—Magali Paillat
Part 2- Miguel
Script — Patrick Sobral with help from Fabien Dalmasso
Art and Color – Jerome Alquie
Color — Magali Paillat
Part 3- Neo
Script — Philippe Ogaki
Art — Frederic Charve
Color — Magali Paillat
Translation — Elizabeth Tieri
Lettering — Wilson Ramos Jr.
Price: $14.99 US (PB)– $19.99 US (HC)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Part 4 – Parvati
Parvati is a young female student who volunteers. She is illustrated as such a cute little thing. She is written so full of life and hope. As she helps a poor older man in trouble, you see this girl can take care of herself and then some.
In India, a disease is loose, called the Super-Rage it drives people to violent insanity. Parvati finds danger at the zoo. She also finds her destiny. For Parvati, her powers emerge and they are wondrous. The art is truly amazing. Parvati is so cute and the tiger we see is illustrated as a stunningly beautiful animal.
Durgo is a goddess and she is advising Parvati. Parvati finally encounters Kali, an evil creature. The encounter does not go totally well yet it does end with Parvati having ten weapons.
Parvati’s character is so polite and nice. It is hard to believe what a great fighter she is. She is also full of hope.
Parvati’s battle with Kali is a fierce one.
Parvati is just the most lovable young girl you could ever hope to meet. The art illustrating her is truly gorgeous showing us this young girl and the hero she has become.
Part 5 – Miguel
Miguel is a troubled young boy. He does step outside the law yet his heart is in the right place. He cares for his family. Now while working Miguel finds himself in danger.
Quetzalcoatl manifests for Miguel. Miguel finds out he has powers over the wind. Now, Don Alvarez, he is acting like a good guy yet it is easy to see he has some ulterior motives that are not obvious right away. Miguel is slowly becoming a hero as he starts doing things to help rather than just for himself.
Don Alvarez has risen Necocyaotl and he is a figure that inspires evil and fear. The battle with Miguel is a fierce one.
Miguel does learn and teaches that friendship matters. He proves he is a hero too.
Part 6 – Neo
Neo is a young man who is on the border of becoming bad or good. He has a family who cares about him, his mother cares deeply about him and wants only what is best. He is a fighter. He meets Hercules’s spirit and Neo finds out just how strong he can be. Yes, both in body and mind. He does find Ares a most capable foe. Ares’s minions are a funny bunch. Ares though is a threat. His beast is one as well. The big fight does not last very long. Neo though does learn that he does want to be a hero.
These are the heroes of today and individually they are amazing. Evil is still out there and these heroes may just join together as is suggested in these pages. These heroes are the future.

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