Comic Book Cats, number 167: All-Star Comics #30

Comic Book Cats, number 167: All-Star Comics #30, drawn by Martin Naydel and written by Gardner Fox, published by DC Comics in Aug-Sept 1946.

“Dreams of Madness” sees the Justice Society of America trapped by the old enemy Brain Wave in a “Dream Inducer” machine. The dreams created by this device are intended to drive each of the JSA members insane. In the chapter starring the Flash, the scarlet speedster experiences a nightmare in which animals are intelligent and rule the world, and humans are their pets. Among the various talking animals the Flash encounters in this dream world is a cat.

Martin Naydel drew the Flash chapter in All-Star Comics #30. Naydel was intimately associated with the character during the mid 1940s. In addition to being the regular artist on the Flash’s segments in All-Star Comics, Naydel also drew Flash Comics from 1944 to 1945 and All-Flash from 1944 to 1947.

Naydel also drew various funny animal stories for DC including McSnurtle the Turtle, alias the Terrific Whatzit, a parody of the Flash in Funny Stuff. This chapter of “Dreams of Madness” effectively combines Naydel’s funny animal background with his work on the Flash.

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