RICH REVIEWS: The Mummy: Palimpsest # 4

Title: The Mummy: Palimpsest # 4
Publisher: Hammer Comics/Titan Comics
Written by: Peter Milligan
Art by: Ronilson Freire
Colors by: Ming Sen
Lettering by: Simon Bowland
Cover: John Mcrea
Variant Covers: Nick Percival, Mike Perkins
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The High Priest Kharis seeks the High Priestess Nebetah.
Ammit is a huge monster the Devourer of Hearts. He is after Angel who is possessed by Nebetah. Duncan is helping her and enjoying at least part of that. Ammit is illustrated so you see his ancient evil in his form.
Angel is in a no win situation. The Pyramid Club and the Anubis Sect are fighting over who gets her.
The faces at times are illustrated so badly they look like a jumbled mess.
You do get the feel of an old movie but here we needed more to happen. Some action packed excitement would have been nice.
Angel is a strong woman in a situation that is extraordinary.

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