RICH REVIEWS: The Loud House: Summer Special

Title: The Loud House: Summer Special
Publisher: Papercutz
Writers: Caitlin Fein, Julia Rothenbuhler-Garcia, Kristen G. Smith, Kristen G. Smith, Jair Holguin, Hannah Watanabe-Rocco, Derek Fridolfs, Kevin Sullivan
Artists: Isaiah Kim, Jose Hernandez, Way Singleton, Jennifer Hernandez, Max Alley, Melissa Kleynowski, Zazo Aguiar, Zazo Aguiar, Karolyne Rocha, Daniela Rodriguez, Erin Hunting, Ron Bradley, Angela Zhang, Kelsey Wooley, Diem Doan
Colorists: Peter Bertucci, Jose  Hernandez, Efrain Rodriguez, Jennifer Hernandez, Peter Bertucci, Vic Miyuki, Daniela Rodriguez, Tyler Koberstein, Erin Hunting, Ron Bradley, Ronda Pattison, Kelsey Wooley, Diem Doan
Letterers: Wilson Ramos Jr., Diem Doan
Price: $ 7.99 US, $10.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Lana takes her pet possum to the pool and as long as they do nothing pool-related they do have a wonderful time. Soggy pool trash yummy.
CJ shows he cares about his brother Bobby. He also shows he has a great imagination. Bobby, well he shows us just how stupid he is.
No matter how old a person is they can still have fun and be talented. Bobby should have known better and supported his Abuelo no matter what.
Ronalda and her dad go to the fair. It is great to see father and daughter bonding and having a wonderful time.
Lucy shows that goths can look cool in the summertime. Lucy’s sister Lani decides to try out Lucy’s style on herself.
This family knows how to have fun.
Lynn gets a job. Lynn finds a job she is good at and that has her being competitive. She is having fun while working.
Charles the family dog has an adventure even.
This is a family who plays together and loves each other very much. The art fits the stories and the characters are unique individuals that you will come to care about and love.

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