BOOK CAVE: Badger The Novel

Badger The Novel
By Mike Baron

What can I say? This is the book I’ve dreamed of for years. I’ve been a fan of Badger since before he appeared in Capitol Comics and later First Comics. This is a character unlike any others in comic books or novels. Mike Baron is a creator unlike any other. I was very fortunate enough to meet Mike Baron when my wife and I were set up at a small convention several years ago. I’ve been a fan for more years than I care to mention. First it was Badger, then later it was Nexus.
I love reading his books and comics and plan to read all of them over again to see what new thoughts I can see in his works. Mike Baron is one of the most unique and creative writers I’ve had the pleasure to read. His books will grab you and not let you go. It has been years since I read the first Badger and I still remember both the ad that got me to buy the comic book and the first issue itself. This book brings back all the entertainment I found in the series and more. After reading both Nexus and Badger I look forward to reading anything new he will write and read again all of his older material.
Be sure and pick up any and all of his works. Once you start, you can’t put it down.

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