RICH REVIEWS: The Journey Internal

Title: The Journey Internal (GN)
Based on the songs of Six By Six: Ian Crichton, Nigel Glockler & Robert Berry
Graphic Novel Development: Robert Berry & J.C. Baz with Jon Lyons and Manuel Avila
Management: Nick Shilton, Kingmaker Management
Script: Robert Berry & J.C. Baez
Art & Lettering: J.C. Baez
Colors: Manuel Avila, Jon Lyons & J.C. Baez
Price: $ 30.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Reign is a man in a world at war. As he steps through a door he ends up somewhere else. as do other doorways. The dragon he encounters is beautifully illustrated to show it is a powerful creature.
Reign keeps traveling from one doorway to another, why? Is this a kind of journey of enlightenment for him? With each doorway, he goes through he sees such wonders.
Reign’s journey takes him to so many different places and he does meet lots of people. He tries to be a savior and a friend. Then he finds his soulmate.
The song lyrics flow smoothly as you read them. They fit with the story going on. At times the story itself is hard to follow and it does go on too long with not a lot happening. The whole comic does flow moving from one part to the next. Some things are left unexplained, having some mystery is good, and having too much here can just leave the reader wondering what is going on.
Reign sees hope for the human race and in this, he gains the power to battle the dragon.
This book is about Reign’s journey as he grows inside and learns more about himself and what he wants. The ending here is a good one and it fits beautifully with the story. Reign deserves it.

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