RICH REVIEWS: Brigade # 1 Remastered

Title: Brigade # 1 Remastered
Publisher: Image Comics
Story/Writer: Rob Liefeld
Artists: Viktor Bogdanovic, Dietrich Smith, Ryan Kincaid, Raymond Leonard/Paul Scott, Ron Williams, Paul Scott, Clay Mann, Dan Fraga, Marat Mychaels/Norm Rapmund, Cory Hamscher, Ed Piskor, Philip Tan, Karl Alstaetter, Jim Rugg, V Ken Marian, Tom Scioli, Norm Rapmund, Thomas Hedglen/Matthew Seaborne, Mike Choi, Rob Liefeld/Matthew Seaborne
Colors: Juan Rodriguez
Letters: Rus Wootan
Brigade Created by: Rob Liefeld
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Battlestone, Coldsnap, Seahawk, Atlas, Thermal, Status and Kayo make up Brigade. This team does work great as a team. Well except for Seahawk being a bit too bloodthirsty. The story flows way too fast.
The introduction to the team is well done enough. You meet each of the characters except Status who shows up later. The two brothers fight as brothers tend to only here they have powers. Battlestone makes for a stern leader.
The art varies with so many artists working on this book. Some styles are gorgeous and others are more amateurish.
The use of Atlas in the fighting did not work. Having him stand outside while the other members fight seems wrong. Having the team fight other people with powers using them for evil would have been better.
Battlestone is the best character in this issue. He is the team leader and he is shown to know what to do to lead. He comes across as a natural-born leader.

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