RICH REVIEWS: The Great Gatsby # 2

Title: The Great Gatsby # 2
Published by: Clover Press
Writer: F. Scott Fitgerald
Adaptation: Ted Adams
Art/Cover/Colors: Jorge Coelho
Color Flats: Ines Amero
Lettering/Design: Robbie Robbins
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Valley of Ashes is a bleak desolate sight.
Nick meets Tom’s mistress who is also married. Again the art is simply gorgeous and captures the time period perfectly. Tom is a man who does not respect women.
At a party thrown by Gatsby, he remains a mystery. His parties are huge and lots of people attend them. Gatsby himself though is nowhere to be seen. When he does show up he is a mystery that begs to be solved.
Nick and Jordan are developing a relationship. They do seem to fit well together.
Gatsby now what is going on with him? He likes a good party obviously. What is he up to?
There is drama aplenty here. Is that all there is to this story or is there more? The art now is candy for your eyes it is just so sweet.

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