RICH REVIEWS: The Great Gatsby # 1

Title: The Great Gatsby # 1
Published by: Clover Press
Writer: F. Scott Fitgerald
Adaptation: Ted Adams
Art/Cover/Colors: Jorge Coelho
Color Flats: Ines Amero
Lettering/Design: Robbie Robbins
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Beautiful period-setting art. All the outdoor scenes and the buildings but especially the people are so wonderfully drawn.
Nick Carraway now is shown visiting his friends. Daisy and Tom along with Miss Jordan Baker have Nick join them for dinner. Drama does start to unfold. Tom we see is a cad. Daisy is a bit of a mystery as to why she stays with him. Nick is Daisy’s cousin yet they are not real close but they are becoming closer. Jordan the cute blonde girl her place in this story has not been revealed.
When Gatsby shows up he is a mystery. Nick is becoming fascinated with him. What is it about Gatsby to draw one’s attention?
The art is so beautifully done and the story is slowly unfolding. All the main characters are introduced. As the story continues hopefully more will be revealed. This issue is a little slow.
Nick comes across as a nice guy.

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