RICH REVIEWS: The Ghoul Agency # 3

Title: The Ghoul Agency # 3
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Writer: Gene Selassie
Artist/Cover: Orlando Baez
Colors by: Sam Nang
Letters by: Micah Myers
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The security team of Ike and Ninja Dan are looking for something or someone. Then we jump to a board meeting. Shay and Sandy both get suspended. The security is looking for Greer now this should really have been mentioned when the security team was first shown.
There is some action as Greer returns to the offices and Ninja Dan tries to break his fall. A ninja breaking a golem’s fall.
Crash-Pritcher Universal is a rival advertising company and they and they are going to go all out against each other. Shay is back and she is ready to rumble.
The art is fun to see and helps set the mood of this comic which always has a lighter side to it even when more serious matters happen.
Greer is a great Golem and in general a nice guy. Having him as Shay’s assistant makes for a good pairing. Shay is a beautiful woman who can fight back.

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