RICH REVIEWS: The Gentleman # 2

Title: The Gentleman # 2
Publisher: SPC Comics
Story by: Greg Anderson Elysee
Art by: Massimiliano Veltri
Colors by: Marco Pagnotta
Letters by: Marco Della Verde
Creators: Marcel Dupree, Lucas Perdomo, and Marco Pagnotta
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Void is a family curse Oliver has and it gives him powers and abilities. Now Oliver is having some vivid dreams but as you follow them you can sense there is more to them than just a dream.
There are a lot of mysteries left unanswered here. Some are good to get you thinking but an overabundance can just leave you wondering.
The gay aspect of the comic seems out of place with the characters.
The art is dark leaving faces in shadow so you can not see them clearly.
Everything seems to go back to Espere. Oliver while trying to solve two murders for her and save her from whatever is attacking her finds it is her he is investigating the most.
Here we see Oliver using some of his power. The Void is a place that he can go and the art illustrating it looks amazing. Oliver has a lot more to him then you might think at first. Oliver does act when the one he loves is in deadly danger. Oliver is a good guy who has had a hard life.

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