RICH REVIEWS: The Gentleman # 1

Title: The Gentleman #1
Publisher: SPC Comics
Story by: Greg Anderson Elysee
Art by: Massimiliano Veltri
Colors by: Marco Pagnotta
Letters by: Micah Myers
Creators: Marcel Dupree, Lucas Perdomo, and Marco Pagnotta
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: One man Oliver is a private eye has some strange abilities. The story starts out with lots happening but little explained.
The art is done to dark making it hard to fully make out the characters.
Now Espere has something after her and she comes to Oliver for help. Everyone here has an attitude. Espere is a sexually easy-going woman as well. Oliver does actually have some morels. Oliver’s friend Ralphie is around only because he is Oliver’s friend and Espere’s just a friend of his, a close friend. There is a lot of tension between Oliver and Ralph sometime in the past they fought over a girl and it ruined their friendship. Oliver sees a justification for them to become friends again by helping Espere.
There is something about Espere and while she sleeps something comes for her. Here the use of shadows works well to bring a feeling of terror. Someone very terrible and strange is happening here and it has come to Oliver’s doorstep.
This is a noir horror tale that does offer a few frightening chills.

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