RICH REVIEWS: The Garfield Show # 7 “Desperately Seeking Pooky”

Title: The Garfield Show # 7 “Desperately Seeking Pooky”
Publisher: Papercutz
Written by: Peter Berts, Julien Magnat, Baptiste Heidrich & Julien Monthiel
Script Restoration and Additional Dialogue: Tony Isabella
Lettering: Tom Orzechowski, Wilson Ramos Jr
Based on the original characters created by: Jim Davis
Price: $ 7.99 US paperback and $ 11.99 US hardcover
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “High Scale” Garfield gets put on a diet. He even has to go to the Cat Spa. This place is Cat Hell for Garfield than he wakes up. Poor Garfield gets scared and he had to exercise the horror of it. It will make you smile and laugh. The art is cute too. It definitely shows you that Garfield is fat.
“Freaky Monday” Garfield and Odie switch bodies. Odie enjoys the benefits of it. Garfield does not like being Odie. Garfield does get a better understanding of Odie and what he goes through. The art is gorgeously done showing the characters just as you expect them to be.
“Desperately Seeking Pooky” Pooky goes missing. Garfield is shown to have a big caring heart. He gets Pooky back and does the right thing. Beautiful at on the dogs and cats.
Garfield gives you the most fun you will ever have with a cat.

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