Best Review Ever! FLASH #29

WRITER: Joshua Williamson
ILLUSTRATOR: Pop Mhan & Christian Duce
LETTERS: Steve Wands
ASSISTANT EDITOR: Ameded Turturro & Rebecca Taylor
EDITOR: Brian Cunningham
COVER: Neil Googe
VARIANT COVER: Howard Porter
PRICE: $2.99
SUMMARY: “NEGATIVE” part two! What’s a Rogue to do when The Flash goes bad? Get worse. Operating from behind bars in Iron Heights, the incarcerated Rogues graduate from costumed crooks to true kingpins of crime, unleashing the new villain known as Shrapnel upon the chaotic and unprotected streets of Central City.
COMMENTS:  Carmine Di Giandomenico was originally scheduled to draw this issue. In a rare treat Pop Mhan stepped in with Christian Duce. This issue was a day in the life of Barry Allen without much Flash action. In a tribute to the art team they were able to pull off a non-action story, and do it well. Most artist are great at the action and aren’t so good without the spandex. Here the art was outstanding. The story is a CSI story. One of the great values of the Flash comic is that Barry Allen’s secret identity is as cool as his super hero persona. In fact the CSI television show had higher rating than the Flash television show does now. So clearly more mass appeal. Here we have a criminal procedural drama instead of the standard action-adventure story. This is a harder story to tell and keep the reader engaged and Joshua Williamson does a great job here. The Flash is dealing with the difficulties of exposure to the negative speed force. Strangely the Reverse Flash never had ANY of these problems. However, Barry does. So he isn’t the Flash in this story. As Barry he is trying to solve a mystery involving the theft of evidence from the Police Department. There are twist and turns and characters who are new to the series from this story arc are fleshed out. A great change of pace for the Flash and it is nice to have a down to earth story following the Time Traveling tale from the prior arc.

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