RICH REVIEWS: The Fourth Planet # 1

Title: The Fourth Planet # 1
Publisher: Chapter House Comics
Writer: Fred Kennedy
Artist/Cover: Miko Maciaszek
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: out of 5 stars
Comments: The stark simplistic art with the use of moderate color makes for some gorgeous art.

The story is hard to follow. It starts off talking about slaves becoming free than we see sailors returning from the sea on an alien world.
Next we start to follow some street walkers (fancy whores) and they find themselves in a bit of trouble.
Next we see two lovers cuddling in a field. How do all these things tie in together?
Next we see a crashed ship and the crew going exploring this alien planet they crashed on.
Ok all this is happening on the same planet. It is a strange world.
One of the street walkers now she starts hearing voices. The voice calls her its Queen. Why? What is this mysterious voice? We do see the mysterious being behind the voice. They are illustrated nicely. But who and what are they?
The comic needed to be smoother flowing in its story telling.
The characters are of interest and the art does show them off nicely.


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