So—everything is gone.

Our website was hacked—server had to be wiped—it’s all gone.

I’ve experienced so much loss these last few months.

It’s fine.

I’m fine.

I’ve also gained so much.

I’m doing things.

I’m meeting people.

I’m living.

And—I know I’m a much better writer now than I’ve ever been—I don’t need the past to prove whom I am currently.

To be realistic—it’s not all gone—the videos are still on youtube; most of the images are on my laptop.

Some articles can be rebuilt.

My thoughts and memories and experiences still happened.

…moving forward…

My digital comicbook library is over 3k…

I have tons of material.

Losing the past doesn’t negate the future.


Browsing aforementioned library—I notice the first four consecutive issues of Delete.

And then—I read this:




But—ugh! He used the word technology twice in a sentence—let alone paragraph!


You all fucking do it, too.

And—ascetics, people—hello!


It’s not wrong.

But—it’s not right either:

                           If memories are erased, is the person; in process?

With advanced research and development in AI technology, humans have developed

the ability to extract and implant what was determined to be the essence of one’s self.

Using brain scanners to access subconsciousness, police investigate the brutal murder

of a mute girl’s parents while  she is forced to turn to an intellectually disabled handy

man for protection; on the run from hitmen accepting nothing but termination—when

discovered she is could be host to sensitive material threatening to expose a conspiracy.

Perfectly aligned; fleshed—and, doesn’t repeat itself; or, overly use transitional words like “that”.

Once really is too much—not really a fan of “that.”

I also try to eliminate fluff where I can—something I’ve always hated—word count quotas… sigh.


I’m unsure how one “see’s” but, I know I just fucking commented on a fucking panel at fucking San Diego fucking Comic-Con in regards to not having a fucking typo within the first five (5) pages—first five (5) words is absurd.




It is really pretty…


The artist has great pov and the colorist is certainly professional.

…love the paneling…


LOVE ISSUE #3’s cover!


It’s 12:30 and I have to work in the AM… more soon.

Happy Nerding : ) and Support Indie <3



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