RICH REVIEWS: The Comet Vol. 1: Combustion

Title: The Comet Vol. 1: Combustion (GN)
Publisher: Insight Comics
Written by: Arianna Irwin
Illustrated by: Francine Delgado
Colored by: Alba Cardona
Lettered by: A Larger World Studios
Cover Art by: Francine Delgado with Laura Martin
Price: $ 16.99 US, $ 22.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Kenzie Cook is a seventeen-year-old girl has a little sister Rae who has cancer. Now Kenzie has an Aunt Emmy who is a healer or as some call her a witch.
The art is done with subdued colors. The art style shows the people as ordinary with nothing to make them stand out. Kenzie does have a cuteness about her. She is willing to give up her very soul to save her sister. You can feel the love she has for Rae.
Aunt Emmy has a Master and from the way, this creature is drawn it is easy to see it is a thing of evil. As Aunt Emmy casts her spell with Kenzie and Rae, Jeremy Kenzie’s boyfriend is there as well. As happens basically you know what hits the fan. There is some lovely art of Kenzie nude.
Kenzie has become something else, something new. Meanwhile, the evil Master is on the loose and creating terror and death. Kenzie will have to learn to use her new powers to stop this demon. She is an amazing young woman.
The art brings out the evil of this demon as it attacks Kenzie. Kenzie is one strong girl who just will not quit.
There is sadness but also happiness as a new force for good is born.
This is a wonderful book growing up, loss and rising above your fears to become the best you can be.

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