RICH INTERVIEWS: Carolina Ravassa Actress for Havana Darkness

First Comics News: Were you ever actually afraid during the filming of “Havana Darkness”?

Carolina Ravassa: I don’t think I ever feared for my life, but I definitely did let the fear of the moment set in so we could continue the scene. Sometimes we’d be running down a hall for a while and by the end of the take, I’d go, “phew…! we made it! We’re alive!” I think we worked closely with the director to work on what we feared and what was scaring us at the moment.

1st: What is your biggest contribution to “Havana darkness”

Carolina: Hopefully my acting! haha. I think I lived in the moment on every beat and committed to the role, so I hope that comes through in the scenes.

1st: Why will a moviegoer feel sorry for Karen beside the fact a psycho is after her?

Carolina: Well I think that’s precisely it- she might die and her loved ones might die, so you don’t want that to happen to her. No one wants their loved ones to die.

1st: How did “Havana Darkness” push your acting skills or did it at all?

Carolina: I definitely think shooting this film was an exercise in letting deep fears set in, challenging those moments so you’re not just pretending.. and being in the moment. At the end of every day, I was emotionally and physically exhausted because we were pushed so hard. I think that was a good thing. It was more challenging than I ever imagined.

Rich: If you were a psychotic killer what would be your weapon of choice and why?

Carolina: I’ve never thought of this! How horrible! Can I pass? hehe.

1st: You have attended comic conventions which super-hero would you like to wander around the convention floor dressed as?

 Ooooh… I’d love to be Maleficent!

1st: Is there anything you do to get into character when you do the voice over for Sombra from Overwatch?

Carolina: I think I have a lot of similarities to her, so I don’t have to do specific things to get into the character. I share her sense of humor and sass, so I think that just comes naturally:)

1st: Would you like to do a live movie as Sombra from Overwatch?

Carolina: Absolutely! Sign me up!

1st: Why do you keep, acting rather than get another job like a 9 to 5 one?

Carolina: Because it’s been my dream since I was 5 years old. Because I love it. Because it makes me happy. Because I can’t imagine doing anything else.

1st: Would you like to play the villain in a horror movie instead of the victim?

Carolina: Sure that would be fun! That would be a cool thing to experience at some point since I already played the opposite.

1st: Why do you like to salsa dance?

Carolina: It just makes me incredibly happy. Releasing endorphins is a wonderful thing, and I can’t help but start moving when I hear salsa.

1st: What was your upbringing like how did it influence you to become an actress?

Carolina: My parents are both very artistic and they encouraged me and my sisters to explore different kinds of artistic forms. I think I loved getting on stage one Christmas for a choir performance and they saw that, so they encouraged me to do the school play after that, and the rest is history. They also believed we should pursue what makes us happy and what we are good at, and I think they are right:)

Rich: What would you like to say to all your fans?

Carolina: Thanks for all your support and for watching Havana Darkness! I hope you like it!!

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