RICH REVIEWS: The Casagrandes # 4

Title: The Casagrandes # 4 “Friends and Family”
Published by: Papercutz
Writers: Kara Fein, Paloma Uribe, Derek Fridolfs, Caitlyn Connelly, Amanda Fein, Kara Fein, Kacey-Huang Wooly, Erik Steinman
Artists: Lex Hobson, Izzy Boyce-Blanchard, Ryan Jampole, Alexia Valentine, Amanda Tran, D.K. Terrell, Erin Hyde, Jose Hernandez
Colorists: Lex Hobson, Erin Rodriguez, Laurie Smith, Amanda Tran, D.K. Terrell, Erin Hyde, Zazo Aguiar, Izzy Boyce-Blanchard
Letterers: Wilson Ramos Jr.
Cover Artist: Miguel Gonzalez
Price: $ 7.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Being a model can get stressful when you have two muses with two different ideas. Ronnie Anne keeps her cool and works things out for the best.
It is great to love something and to work to enjoy it. It shows that it is worth the effort.
Trying to have a conversation online with a friend can be hard if you have a lot of family members. The cartoon art does look wonderful.
Some dogs are strange. One furry one called Nelson does like music to sooth himself as he baths.
Ronnie Anne and Lincoln have a friendly competition online. These two do like to compete and have fun doing it.
Ronnie Anne and her brother are in a helpful mood. Pets beware these two do gooders are out to help you. A family of cats finds their lives much better. It is touching to watch as children care for animals in need.
Abuelo Day is a fun day of fun at a fleamarket with all sorts of great finds. The family though do have a wonderful day out together.
Do not judge a candy by its smell. This is a funny short story about stinky candy.
Spirit Week at school is an ordeal that is worth it. Plus hee we get to see some kids as made up super-heroes.
Making meatballs is fun and tasty as the whole family discovers. Two great cooks do come up with a winning combination.
Doing inventor is much easier if someone else does it. This family always has fun doing whatever they are doing.
Cleaning turns into dancing as kids will be kids and so will adults.
How to deal with fighting siblings turn them loose on other fighting siblings. Families the bigger they are the more they care about each other and they always have fun.
The Casagrandes are one family you would enjoy hanging around with and being a part of.

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