RICH REVIEWS: The Black Phantom # 1

Title: The Black Phantom # 1
Publisher: Sankofa Comics
Story by: Steve Perrin
Art by: Ronn Foss
Lettering by: Bill Spicer
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 10.00 US
Comments: This comic is done in black and white from 1964. The black and white actually does fit well for this comic and its subject matter. The Black Phantom fights for equality.
LaFavette Jefferson does see a lot of racism and is treated differently just because he is black. The names they use to describe people of color would not be tolerated today and they should not be.
The Brothers of the Flaming Cross exist in the town, they are like the Klan. The art beautifully illustrates how evil this group is. Such racial hate is abdominal.
Here we see the birth of an avenger for racial inequality. The Black Phantom is born and the Wraith. Racism is a serious problem even in today’s society. In 1964 it was even worse.
The team of Black Phantom and the Wraith is one made up of two determined people. They are well-drawn and their characters do pop out at you. The Black Phantom is a guy you will like and want to win any fight you see him in.
This is an old-time adventure of rightness.

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