RICH REVIEWS: Outrage # 0

Title: Outrage # 0
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Authors: Jim Burrows, Earl Wajenburg
Artists: Alan Faria, Joshua 1:9 Holley & Anna Holley, David Ellis Leary, Gilbert Monsanto, Tommy Florimonte & Victor Raniery
Cover: Alan Faria
Letterer: Eric N. Bennett
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Lots of superheroes are joining in on this fight against Void and his minions. Outrage fights because she wants to help others not because the government tells her to. She works well with others but on her terms.
“Who is Outrage?” Outrage’s origin is explained here. The story could use more straightforward facts and specifics. It is a well told story which would be better if it were longer.
“Li’l Willa!” This is a cute short story. The cartoonish art is so cute and the way Outrage talks is adorable.
Invictus is a hands-on type of woman. She does what she does because it is the right thing to do. You can tell instantly she is super tough. She changes her name to Outrage after the press call her that in the papers.
She does battle a gorilla and were-jackets along with Dena her partner. Dena gets an upgrade in weapons and costume. It makes her a lot more help for Outrage. Then an alien joins them in their fight. The odds have evened up. The story does not have a lot to it. Catch the bad guys and that’s about it. It would be nice to know more about who she is fighting. Plus the alien that shows up.
Outrage is a hero willing to put the work in to get the job done.
In “The Night Lili” Lailah is shown to be like a goddess. She is watching over humans as they develop. Then in the future, and now in the present a baby girl is conceived Astor St. Croix and the spirit of Satrina enters it. Now an adult Aster St. Croix does not totally see what is going on around her as her life has just changed. Things have definitely changed for her.
The Outrage Pin-Up is a powerful pose of the super-hero.
“21 Candles” It is Meredith’s aka Atomk Bombshell’s birthday. She and a bunch of other female superheroes go out for a girls’ night out. Of course, one super villain Xadrian attacks and they engage him. He looks like a devil. Meredith gets to beat up a bad guy and enjoy a night out with the girls so it’s a great birthday party.
Outrage is a superhero to look up to.

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