RICH REVIEWS: The Adventures of Lightning Marval # 1

Title: The Adventures of Lightning Marval # 1
Publisher: Will Lill Comics
Written/Drawn/Cover by: Warren Montgomery
Created by: Warren Montgomery
Price: $ 3.75 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “After Prologue!
This comic is done with a sense of humor. Muscleman Guy has a funny way of talking which is done on purpose.
Muscleman Guy is confronted by Lightning Marval and the battle is short. Their little chat is fun to read.
Lightning Marval is illustrated in a simple well designed costume. He comes across as a positive superhero. The background art is simple and basic with not a lot of detail. The comic is done in black and white.
Jive Turkie is half way between looks good and being a joke. He is on the weird looking side having his costume based on a turkey. Pookah Dah Ha and the Armpit, who is the Armpit? Pookah Dah Ha does look pretty non threatening for a major villain. The story though is poking fun at itself.
Lightning Marval is a marvelous character. It is nice to have fun reading a comic book and for everything not to be all dark and serious. Comics were meant to entertain and be fun.

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