RICH REVIEWS: Teeter Topple

Title: Teeter Topple (GN)
Publisher: 215 Ink
Creator/Writer/Artist: Karl Slominski
Price: $14.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: This comic does grab your attention with its off beat characters. Mark and his imaginary friends are weird.
The book is done as a look back before the car crash. Mark’s life is not all that great.
The switch to the Cosmic Crusaders comic in the story is done great. The retro art looks amazing and we get to read the comic that Mark and his friend were referring to in the story. Captain Max and Major Tom have an adventure. It is short but the point is made.
Mark’s life well it sucks. Everything that could go wrong for him does. Mark is suffering and his mind is overloaded so it finds a way to cope. He goes insane.
The use of black and white art with color works to make it jump out at you.
Seeing what Mark does gives you an idea of what a person losing their mind might be like. Knowing and seeing what Mark does makes this book fascinating to read.
As you read this you can see reality poking through Mark’s insanity. He may be going insane but there is still a little sanity in him. He knows he is going insane.
The art style is insane as well. It has cute aspects. It can and is at times all over the place with weird characters just thrown in because they are weird.
The ending to this story strikes out of nowhere as it slowly builds up and hits you. Mark well Mark is an alright guy.

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