Title: Rage # 1
Publisher: Glyphs Productions
Script: Eric Peyron
Pencils: Alan Queh, Stephane Degardin
Colors: Komikaki Studio, Stephane Degardin
Lettering: Trevor Espostito
Cover: Alex Nascimento with colors by Stephane Degardin
Price: $9.90 (Print), $ 2.99 US (Digital)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A group f priests who worship Morthog a demon. They summoned him. The art portraying this giant worm gives it a terrifying appearance.
Princess Ariane and her Squire Tuk attack these priests. The priests are not use to combat and it does make you laugh at how ill prepared they are. Than Nicodemus sends in his man creature Rage to join in. Rage is a mountain of muscles full of power.
The story is like a combination of Conan and P.I.T.T.
Rage just rips into Morthog and tears him apart. The violence is ultra high. Rage is full of raw rage and just lets go with it.
The priest of Morthog pleads his case to the King. Saying those who attacked him should be punished for breaking the laws of the land.
The Princess, Nicodemus, Rage and the Squire are all given a mission from the King. These adventurers get no rest as they ready to go out again. What adventure awaits them next? Join us for the next issue to see.

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