RICH REVIEWS: Tales From The Cave

Title: Tales From The Cave (One Shot)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writers: Keith Frady, Rachel Pinnelas, David Hazan
Artists: Riccardo Cecchi, Marco Tortella, Shane Connery Volk
Colorists: Marco Pelandra, Marcello Iozzoli, Luca Romano
Letterers: Renato Quiroga, Abdriy Lukin, Justin Birch
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Battlecats” Three cats make it to the Garden of Solitude. Diara, Aguinar, and Falstine find an Umbra Raider at the gate to paradise. These young warriors still in training do show bravery as they do not pause. They stick together and fight together. Plus we see they have faith in each other and themselves and do not need to prove it. The art beautifully shows each character and their personalities. These three when they fully grow up will make excellent Battlecats.
“Hunt. Kill. Repeat.” Here we see the Gods of Greek Myth on Earth and they act with all the emotions humans have. Athena finds herself in a battle that is lopsided, a God vs humans. Athena does think like all the other Gods that she is better than humans. She is stuck up, only yes she has the power to back it up. Her dress is not what you would expect.
“Nottingham” Sheriff Blackthorn arrived at Edwinstoew. People are being murdered and he is here to catch the killer. The main suspect is a witch. She is drawn as a sexy gorgeous witch. The townspeople act on their fears inspired by their leader Harlowe. The Sheriff is a tough man who gets to the bottom of things. He lives in a tough world and he never backs down. He goes until his work is done.

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