GlobalComix Releases New Web Reading Experience

GlobalComix just maximized the comics reading experience with a web browser platform refresh that kickGlobalComixs competition to the crypt

NOV. 18, 2023, (PITTSBURGH, PA) — GlobalComix is taking its reading experience one step further, just in time for Walking Dead fans to fill the purgatory with The Walking Dead Compendiums (Image Comics).

Ingest a reading experience like no other. Whether on a computer, tablet, or phone, GlobalComix offers a customizable reading experience offered in vertical scroll, single or double page layouts. But there’s more…

The GlobalComix reading experience has been revived with a web browser refresh!

GlobalComix All-New Web Reader – Complete Overhaul Part 1

Move up and down pages and panels with ease. Use the tracking mousepad and point to either side of the page; it transforms into a unique arrow on either side to move pages back and forth! Click in the center. On the top left corner, the title, creator(s), and genre. The bottom corner QR code leads to the app. At the center is the page number, with the full page count of the comic in view as well. The top right corner shows a tool icon to switch page view, with collated series pages to open a preview in the sidebar. Below are icons that feature additional series info, an option to follow the creator and add to your digital library, including the options: reading, on hold, finish, read later, re-read, add push notifications; or leave a comment! Click the bottom center (i)con to retrieve series info and product description in full view.

Readers can set up their comics any way they prefer, and on any device. Best of all, never lose your place! Pick up where you left off if you nod off; track and organize each title by adding all things Walking Dead to your personal library. Run out of Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore tales? GlobalComix offers similar title suggestions, so there’s no hiding from the zombies. Talk about a corpse reviver…

As AMC’s Walking Dead franchise’s first spin-off, Fear of the Walking Dead, comes to a close, with more offshoots on the horizon, fans can fill the gaps by reading the comics that inspired the series, The Walking Dead Compendiums.

Can you think of a better way to satiate the “lie in wait” between series and seasons of The Walking Dead than trying GlobalComix’s customizable reading experience on phone, tablet, and with this KILLER web refresh?

GlobalComix All-New Web Reader – Complete Overhaul Part 2

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