Writer-director Kyle Broom’s “avant-garde extravaganza” (Bloody Disgusting) Tabloid Vivant premieres On Demand October 20.

A “jarring, unpredictable, immensely fun”* (The Independent Critic) horror-thriller starring Jesse Woodrow (TV’s Charmed) and Tamzin Brown (The Adderall Diaries), Tabloid Vivant has received largely exceedingly positive reviews since it hit the festival circuit.

Max is an artist seduced by the allure of fame. Sara is an art critic whose obsessions exceed even his. When she lands a writing gig at a major art magazine, the pair retreats to a cabin in the woods, where Max reveals his strange new painting method. Convinced of its potential, she agrees to collaborate on a piece sure to revolutionize the art world. While both original and mesmerizing, the project reveals something dark and disturbing about their relationship. Like two digital-age Frankensteins, they manage to make a painting come alive – though the unsettling consequences of their success may be more fit for the pages of a blood-soaked tabloid than the chronicles of art history.

Tabloid Vivant will be available on VOD from 10/20.

Written and Directed by: Kyle Broom
Produced by: Alexandra Spector
Starring: Jesse Woodrow, Tomzin Brown, Chris Carlisle, Amber Friendly, Lisa Valerie Morgan, Ana Corbi, Christopher Heltai
Cinematogher: Laura Beth Love
Visual Effects Artist: Mike Verta
Sound Mixer: Jacob Nerstheimer
Makeup Artist: Aubie Davis
Hairstylist: Jennifer Suarez
Production Designer: Beth Gersten
Prosthetics Artist: Marcus Koch
Assistant Director: Daniel Estrada
Editor: Lillian Armstrong
Sound Designer: Peter Mullen

Run Time: 1 hr 40 min
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: Beautiful time piece music starts us off here. The terrer is set up right from the start as well. You know right away this is going to be a bloody disguisting movie.
The artist Max is a little weird and insensative. Sara the art critic is a beautiful kind woman with a sexy accent. These two do get together for an art project and more.
The movie does drag on. The time spent on these two in the cabin in the woods could have been condensed. They do seem to have a lot of sex.
The explanation of Max’s new art project is impossible to follow at first. Than with visual examples you get a better idea.
There is nudit, sexual situations and violence so this is a mature film.
You can see Max’s art whitling away at his and Sara’s relationship.
When Sara finds Max unconscous outside she has sex with him. Why? This is strange. She has is not as healthy as she was when they first arrived, neither is Max. He is obsessed with his art.
Max’s art is something beyond anything else ever done.
The film is unique in its story line. Sara’s character is so well done. Her acting is brilliant.

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