RICH REVIEWS: Sweeties # 1 Cheey/Skye

Title: Sweeties # 1 Cheey/Skye
Publisher: Charmz is an imprint of Papercutz
Story by: Cathy Cassidy
Written by: Veronique Grisseaux
Art/Cover and Colors by: Anna Merle
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: out of 5 stars
Comments: The first thing we see is Cheery standing up to a bully. It is great to watch Cheery stand up for herself and stand against Kirsty. Kirsty deserves what she gets and a whole lot more. It is wonderful to see it illustrated so well.
Cherry is so full of life and she is illustrated as a lovely girl. She does have a vivid imagination though which can get her in trouble.
The countryside is illustrated and colored beautifully.
Cherry and her dad are joining his girlfriend and her four daughters as one big family. One daughter Honey is drawn as a gorgeous blonde and has a boyfriend Shay. Shay and Cherry both like each other which is easy to see will lead to problems. The other three daughters are nice. Honey though and Shay both are looking to cause trouble. This does set up for some family dynamics.
Cherry does tell little white lies. They are to make herself feel better and so others do not know she is not perfect. She does not need them.

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