RICH INTERVIEWS: Gabriel Smith Co-Creator/Artist “Dark Creations”

First Comics News: In “Dark Creations” which story do you work on and what is it about?

Gabriel Smith: Well dark creations is a showcase book. Which features 10 artists 5 pieces of artwork a piece for each artist. Dark creations is a showcase book for people who like to see their artwork published otherwise might not.

1st: Which creature or creatures do you draw in “Dark Creations”?

Gabriel: I would have to say creatures are all about dark creations from the look of the page to artwork in the book.

1st: What was most challenging for you about working on “Dark Creations”?

Gabriel: Dark creations is a fun book and we like to keep it that way.

1st: How did you get so good at drawing monsters?

Gabriel: Getting good at drawing monsters for me started when I was young. Practice practice practice.

1st: Which is the most fearsome monster you have created?

Gabriel: The warebat probably the most fearsome monster to date that I’ve created More to come.

1st: Why do people love to see monsters?

Gabriel: I think monsters are something that people wish were real. And when something comes close to being one. They say that’s fncool.

1st: Which comic book besides “Dark Creations” would you most like to work on?

Gabriel: Well if I work for dark horse maybe Hellboy or Aliens, Marvel maybe Spider-Man. As far as horror goes anything from Hellraiser to Ash vs Evil Dead. Maybe a mutant fish man like Creature from the Black Lagoon.

1st: What do you have to say to the readers of “Dark Creations”?

Gabriel: Fncool has some more book in store for its audience be on the look out for fncool entertainment.


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