RICH REVIEWS: Sweet Lullaby # 1

sweey-lullaby-tpb-vol-1-coverTitle: Sweet Lullaby # 1
Publisher: Darby Pop Publishing
Created & Written by: AJ Scherkenbach
Art/Cover & Lettering by: J. Briscoe Allison
Design by: Steve Blackwell
Price: $ 1.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Lullaby goes way overboard when her neighbor hits on her. She is drawn with a gorgeous body. Her face when it is drawn in shadow can not be seen well enough and when its not in shadow it is not drawn feminine enough at the start. Later on it does have a more feminine appearance.
Skip back twenty years into the past. We see how Lullaby got into being an assassin. The story does keep skipping back and forth.
Back to the present. We see that her neighbor deserved what he got.
Lullaby is illustrated with a killer butt. The story does start to introduce her character so you start to identify with her.
Lullaby’s father is also an assassin. He has a rugged musculer look.
The story does not fully unfold here. Its exact heading hopefully will be revealed in future issues.
Lullaby we need to know more about her from her not just flashbacks to her as a child. She is a beautiful assassin. The best in her line of work.

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