RICH REVIEWS: Lunch Witch # 2 Knee-deep in Niceness

lunch_witch_02Title: Lunch Witch # 2 Knee-deep in Niceness (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Writer/Artist/Cover Artist: Deb Lucke
Color Flatter: Marcia Patricio
Additional Cartooning and Photography: Paul Hartzell
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Lunch Witch has been acting not exactly nice.
The art style is something else, you have to see it. It is simple yet stylish. It compliments the characters perfectly.
The Lunch Witch does make up some very untasty dishes for the students. You stomach will turn seeing what she puts iin them. The mere though of eating it will have you gagging.
The Lunch Witch does have some active familiars. They are caring which is funny since they want to make sure she is not. So the familiars cast a spell to help her out. As often happens when when a spell is cast by a being who has no idea what they are doing things do not go exactly as planned.
Ms. Grunhilda Blackheart the Lunch Witch must undo the spell cast.
Mr. Williams the Lunch witch’s dog finds being on his own makes his life a whole lot harder.
Scout is like a Boy Scout trying to earn badges. He does try so hard. With Grunhilda though his attitude does change, her attitude is infectious.
This is a fun and creepy read about a witch that you will care for and fear. She is evil but with a spark of kindness in her black heart. The has its own unique look which just adds to the weirdness of this book.
The Lunch Witch will draw you into her magical spell.

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