RICH REVIEWS: Sweet Heart # 2

Title: Sweet Heart # 2
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Story by: Dillon Gilberson
Art by: Francesco Iaquinta
Colors by: Marco Pagnotta
Letters by: Saida Temofonte
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Here we learn more about the monsters.
Maddie is a young girl and she has been tagged. Maddie is one spirited high school student. She has a hard lot in life. A monster called a Stringer follows her. Her Grandmother has a monster called a Bruiser following her. It does run in the family. These monsters are frightening to behold. Maddie is having a hard time dealing with the effects of having a monster following her. It makes her an outcast. It makes her a target for bullies.
This story has monsters in it but it is really about Maddie. She knows what life has brought her and she deals with it. She does not like it but she carries on. This is her lot in life. Not only hers but her town’s. They keep this secret from the rest of the world.
You will not feel sorry for Maddie since she is so strong she does not need pity. She needs a friend.

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