RICH REVIEWS: Super Team International ’88

Title: Super Team International ’88
Publisher: Bronco Ink Comics
Written & Lettered by: Scott O. Brown
Art & Colors by: Carlos Gabriel Diaz
Super Team International Created by: Scott Sebastian, & Samantha Brown
Designed by: Carlos Gabriel Diaz
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book collects issues one through six.
The Super American, Mr. Sleep, Mr. Chicken, Gamma Rei Burst, Rollerblade, and Flag make up Super Team International.  V.I.L.E. is their counterpart made up of Giggles the Clown, Aunty Arctica, Bleeding Fist, Deep Trench, Mr. Vyrm, and the King of all Evil Dragons.
This comic is written as much for comedy as for superheroes. The Super-Hero team needs a lot of work to be a team. Super American and Mr. Sleep both needs to keep their egos in check. The villains well are working out much better. All the characters are fun and entertaining. Some are based on ones you might know from DC or Marvel, others are original.
The bad guys and gals start picking off the heroes one by one.
Meanwhile, we see all the drama unfolding with the heroes and villains. They all have baggage they are carrying around.
Dirac the Infinite is a big cosmic-type character. What does he have to do with anything?
The story does jump around a lot yet it does stay connected through all the characters. New ones do pop up though.
The fight scenes are hard-hitting with action. Dirac and Gamma get into one well-drawn battle. We also find out more about Dirac and his connection to Gamma.
Mr. Chicken, Interrobang, and Man Banana are the calvary for the super-hero team. They are great superheroes. Even in a dire situation, they have fun.
There are a couple of unexpected superheroes in the background. If you pay attention you will notice them and who and where they are from.
When characters get angry their facial expressions go overboard showing it. This does fit in nicely with the storytelling bringing out more of the humor in this book.
This is a good old fashion fun comic book you’re sure to want more. The ending does leave you wanting more.

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