Founder of the Four Horsemen. Hall of Famer. Multi-Time Champion. Pioneer. One of your favorite wrestler’s favorite wrestlers. Legend.

At last, his story is being told!

ARN ANDERSON: MY LIFE AS THE ENFORCER is a new biographical graphic novel detailing the life and in-ring career of professional wrestler Arn Anderson. This 128-page graphic novel spans from the earliest days of his youth in rural Georgia being raised by his grandparents to his entry into professional wrestling, through his formation of the legendary faction “The Four Horsemen” and all the way to his retirement as an in-ring performer.

Written by Dirk Manning with Arn Anderson, this book is told through both modern narration framing vignettes (fully illustrated by Shawn Daley) and extended flashback storytelling sequences (fully illustrated by Colm Griffin). The book is being lettered by Justin Birch, edited by Drena Jo, and proudly published by Source Point Press.

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Interior page from ARN ANDERSON: MY LIFE AS THE ENFORCER fully illustrated by Colm Griffin

Additionally, using Kickstarter allows us to offer those who pledge additional Stretch Goal bonuses and upgrades (many of which are  Kickstarter Exclusive and only available through this campaign) attached to their chosen Pledge Levels that are impossible to offer  through comic shops and book stores. If you want to get some bonus swag with your book, here and now’s the time to pledge for your copy to make that happen!

Interior page from ARN ANDERSON: MY LIFE AS THE ENFORCER fully illustrated by Shawn Daley

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