RICH REVIEWS: Street Tiger # 1

Title: Street Tiger # 1
Publisher: Amigo Comics
Story and Art by: Ertito Montana
Translation by: Emma Sancho Kollmann
Cover by: Ertito Montana
Street Tiger Created by: Ertito Montana
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 1 out of 5 stars
Comments: In Nam City in a restaurant two guys sit having beers and sushi. Than a guy walks in and all you know what breaks loose. Things get really violent.
The police are investigating this murder.
The art style is simple. You do not get any frills. It is not very impressive.
Two thieves are pulling off a robbery and they come across as not to bright.
Than we get our killer in biker gear fighting some thug. The story really does jump around way to much.
The fight scenes are poorly done. Street Tiger is a tame comic that tries to be more but fails.
Who is this guy in the helmet killing people? Why is he doing so? Knowing this might make the story more interesting. Random violence can be good but here you need a story to.

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