RICH INTERVIEWS: Marco Ferrari Artist Killbox: Chicago from AGP

First Comics News: How do you feel about making your American debut?

Marco Ferrari: I’m thrilled about this. Sometimes I still can’t believe it; sometimes I find myself refreshing the page to be sure my name is really there!

1st: How do you make your characters come to life in movement?

Marco: I always start from R&D, filling my eyes with all the images I can find. It’s important to remember that fantasy always grows from reality. Aside from this, it’s all coffee, music, and Overwatch live stream!

1st: What personality does your art give to Timothy, Emi, and Sasha?

Marco: It wasn’t easy to take the heritage of these characters without misrepresenting them, but at the same time giving them a personal touch. I wanted to get confident with them, so the first step was to experiment, trying different paths, sometimes also very far away from the starting point of the character. I think the outcome is a good mix between what they were and what I want them to become.

1st: Do you get to draw lots of action scenes in this book?

Marco: I love action scenes and dynamic sequences. In the first issue, there are several set changes and sharp panels that cut the pages and take us back into the action.

1st: Are there villains for you to illustrate? If so, how do you make a person look evil

Marco: Yes. Besides Leonard and Irwin, already known from the first arc, there will be new villains: the “Riot Clowns”. Since these are new characters, I had more fun experimenting with the different shapes of their personalities. They’re creepy, morbidly ambiguous, and funny — just like clowns! They’re absolutely my faves.

1st: What is the hardest part of drawing expressions on character’s faces?

Marco: The hardest part is their spontaneity. Faces can distort in pain or get into shape for happiness, but what matters is that while doing so, you must still read their expression. The reader has to perceive every emotion the character is having. Sometimes I find myself making silly faces in the mirror. Tricks of the trade…

1st: Which character in KILLBOX: CHICAGO do you enjoy drawing the most, and why?

Marco: As I already spoiled you, the Riot Clowns are my favourites. Not only because they are the most fun to draw, but also because I put something of me in each of them. I also like Sasha; her ponytail allows me to have fun with many different dynamic lines.

1st: What are the tools of your trade?

Marco: I’m the old-fashioned type: pencil, inks, brushes, pens. I like to have my hand dirty with ink at the end of the day and I’m passionate about white ink. Concerning the computer, I use it mostly for screen tones and colors.

1st: Would you like to or have you gone to any comic book conventions?

Marco: I went to New York a few years ago for the NYCC. That was my first time in the US. I was a visitor. I had my portfolio with me and a bunch of big hopes. Good experience.
Last year I went to Alien Con in Santa Clara as a guest of AGP for my collab in the volume TALES FROM THE ACKER-MANSION, and that was just amazing.

1st: What illustration of yours are you most proud of?

Marco: I really love drawing cities, so anytime I draw one I feel a special bond with it!
1st: What is the comic book scene like in Italy?

Marco: The Italian comic book scene is filled with international titles, from manga to American ones. This being said, Italian comic book tradition is still very strong and followed. In last few years comic books have been gaining back fame, getting out from their niche position.

1st: If you were one of the people competing in the Killbox, how would you do?’

Marco: Me and my friends always laugh at the fact that, in case of a zombie apocalypse, we’ll not be the heroes but the zombies. You know, the ones getting hit by a car. The same goes for Killbox: I don’t think I’d have a long life. Probably I’d be one of the firsts to die while running from another contestant and not paying attention to the red traffic light!

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