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Stray, starring Gabrielle Stone, now on Google Play!

A killer decides to settle down in a small town and start a family. But first she has to find the right guy to help make it happen, whether he wants to or not. Stray, boasting an award-winning screenplay from writer-director Nena Eskridge, is now available on Google Play from Indie Rights.

Official Synopsis : Stray begins on an idyllic countryside meadow: a willow tree bending over an azure pond, farm animals grazing on hilly fields, and–suddenly–a young woman, Jennifer (Gabrielle Stone, Speak No Evil), rolls out of a van and away from a male assailant. She stabs him and escapes narrowly into the forest, with nothing but a small pink knapsack.
Jennifer lands in the sedate and equally idyllic Chestnut Hill, picking up shifts at a local bar, and finding a friend in Greg (Dan McGlaughlin, Zombie Killers : Elephant’s Graveyard), the bar’s owner. But Jennifer isn’t content to remain friends. She quickly comes between Greg and his fiancée Sarah (Samantha Fairfield Walsh, Funny Bunny) by falling pregnant and claiming Greg as the father of her child. But just as she is on the brink of becoming a part of a family, her hidden, unspeakable past catches up to her, which spells disaster for all who have come to know her in Chestnut Hill.
Is it possible for Jennifer to break the cycle and overcome her violent history, or will she flee again, doomed to remain a wandering stray?
Stray is out now on Amazon Prime and Google Play from Indie Rights.

Directed by: Nena Eskridge
Writing Credits: Nena Eskridge
Andrew Sensenig – Marvin Brightman
Gabrielle Stone – Jennifer Davis
Dan McGlaughlin – Greg Wells
Sean Patrick Folster – Andrew Bosworth
Alexandra Landau -Hoover the Gutter Gal
Arita Trahan -Edna
Samantha Fairfield Walsh – Sarah Bosworth
Ben Lyle Lotka- Michael
Paul McNair – Sy
Scarlett Robison – Lilly Wells
Joe Koch – Hoover the Gutter Guy
Ana-Maria Arkan – Grace

Produced by:
Nena Eskridge … producer
David Landau … co-producer
Clarissa Uhlar … associate producer
Kathy Wells … associate producer
Rachel Wolther … line producer
Rachel K. Wood … associate producer
Music by John Avarese
Cinematography by David Landau
Film Editing by Sam Adelman

Run Time: 1 hr. 39 min
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The movie has you hocked from the beggining. A girl is shown fighting and running for her life.
Once in town she meets a nice helpful guy. She is a mystery. Jennifer is a lovely woman one that it is easy to see has issues. She does like to enjoy the little things in life.
The towns people she meets are interesting. They pull you into their lives. As does Jennifer.
Jennifer finds the guy who picked her up dead in his house where she has sort of moved into. She comes across as so nice but really you start to get the impression she is not.
Jennifer has a way of insinuating herself into other people’s lives. She knows how to destroy others lives. Even as you watch her doing so you can not help but like her.
Jennifer becomes pregnant and has the baby. The father is being put through a lot by her.
Jennifer does start to get on your nerves.
Gabrielle Stone does give a stunning performance. Jennifer is obviously disturbed. It becomes hard to know when she is lyng or telling the truth.
Than as the movie nears its end you will find yourself feeling pity for Jennifer. She starts acting so phychotic she does have a reason for it. As the move ends it may not be how you expect it to.
This movie will leave you feeling different things. Mostly sadness for Jennifer.

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