RICH REVIEWS: Archie’s Funhouse Christmas Annual # 23

archiesfunhousecomicsdoubledigest_23-1Title: Archie’s Funhouse Christmas Annual # 23
Publisher: Archie Comics
Story: Dan Parent, George Gladir, Frank Doyle, Joe Edwards, Bill Golliher, K. Webb, Craig Boldman, Pellowski, Hartley, Rich Margopoulos
Pencils: Dan Parent, Jeff Shultz, Dan DeCarlo, Fernando Ruiz, Bill Golliher, T. Kennedy, Hartley, Chris Allan, Stan Goldberg
Inks: Jim Amash, Rudy Lapick, Allison Flood, Jon D’Agostino, Sinnott
Letters: Jack Morelli, Bill Yoshida, Milgrom
Colors: Glenn Whitmore, Barry Grossman, Digikore Studios
Cover: Dan Parent
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “My Deer Archie” Archie and Jughead working for Pop Tate what could go wrong? Well a lot. Poor Pop Tate.
“A Jingle For Justice” Jingles the Christmas Brownie does his good deed by bringing Christmas cheer. This time though money does buy happiness.
“Give Me! Give Me!” Reggie learns that receiving is not just for him. He does get a nice present though from Hotdog. Very nice art accompanies the story.
“Greeting Card” Dilton gets pick up line advice from Reggie, Chuck and Archie. The Archie Stumble-Bumble Method is the one that works. That and the fact Dilton is Dilton. The colors are so vibrant in this story.
“Lunchroom Helper” Chuck learns some interesting knowledge. Most people know it though. The start of this story has nothing to do with the second half of it.
“One Clean Sweep!” A new super vacuum does cause trouble until Ronnie figures out how to use it in her best interests. Betty and Ronnie are always fighting over Archie. It is always funny to watch them doing so to.
“Keep It Clean” What is good for one Andrews is good for another. Sometimes its best to keep your mouth shut. The Andrews clan are illustrated just right.
“The Simple Life” Betty understand the true meaning of Christmas. She just needs to enjoy it more by keeping her big fat trap shut. She is a dear though.
“A No Santa Clause!” Archie gets to play Santa at the Christmas party. None of the guys wanted to so Archie gets picked for it. The girls decide to show their appreciation that he took the job. All the girls take turns sitting in Santa’s lap. The story does show off the Christmas spirit nicely. Archie makes a great santa as well.
“Mall Be Home For Christmas” Veronica and the gang get trapped in a mall overnight. Again we see the true meaning of Christmas coming out. It is about spending time with those you love.
This issue is full of wondeful Christmas stories to get you in the right mood to enjoy the holidays.

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