RICH REVIEWS: Spellcasters: Major League Magic # 1

Title: Spellcasters: Major League Magic # 1
Publisher: Saturday Originals
Created by: Andre Lavoie, Fred Faubert, Lous-Simon Menard, and Guy Harvey
Script by: Seth Singleton, Andre Lavoie
Pencils and Inks: Georges Duarte
Colors: Marco Lesko
Letters: Tom Napolitano
Cover Art: Georges Duarte
Inside Cover Art: Ugo Chiola
Price: $ 2.99 US (digital)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: A Spellcaster and a Wandmaker are also brother and sister and you can tell they care about each other. There is a slowly building sense of excitement as the Spellcaster is going to compete in some event. Her name is Asteria and her brother is Polaris.
Polaris enters some playing field which is not shown well at all. Magic is involved in this competition/fight. Seven enter and only one leaves victorious. Magic wands and rune stones are in play. Athletes have a play in this competition too. Polaris learns how to truly use magic as it was meant to be.
The Major League Magic aka MLM wants Polaris and Asteria. We see them putting in the work and training hard plus preparations for competing. Their father and grandfather get in on their training too.
Polaris and his family are from Canada so his signature spell Frozen Tempest makes sense.
The art is beautifully colored. The characters are illustrated nicely in poses for the fighting they could be more dynamic.
This issue is off to a good start introducing all the players. Also the settings and atmosphere of the comic.
The battles could use more excitement and build-up before they end. Yes, Polaris was the underdog or still is yet as he fights the reader needs to be drawn more into caring whether he wins or loses.
The brother-sister thing is not played up at all. This should be a point that strengthens their bond of working together. The Polar Team is all family this point needs to be brought out more so that this bond makes them stronger.
How does a Spellcaster tap into the magic? How do Rune Stones work? How is the magic controlled? All questions that need to be answered, maybe in future issues.
Polaris and Asteria are family and that will help them win.

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