RICH REVIEWS: Chase & Catch: Quantum Diamond # 1

Title: Chase & Catch: Quantum Diamond # 1
Publisher: Saturday Originals
Created by: Andre Lavoie, Fred Faubert, Louis-Simon Menard, and Guy Harvey
Script by: Justin Jordan
Pencils and Inks: Leo Chiola
Colors: Leo Chiola
Letters: Tom Napolitano
Cover Art: Leo Chiola
Price: $ 2.99 US (digital)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments:  A man is in a rush and as he rushes we get a brief look back at how he came to be where he is. He is a crime solver. Officer Kenzo Chase is with Valorya City Law Enforcement. He gets paired with a cybernetic law enforcement officer or Officer Catch. They get a pair of very coolly designed bikes. It is great to see Chase and Catch bonding. They are partners. It is a scene filled with some emotion.
There is a villain lurking on the sidelines with a henchman named Gorillarge. Gorillarge does start causing a lot of damage. Chase and Catch do place this Gorillarge under arrest only he does resist. Gorillarge looks more excited as his suit charges up. The fight does get thrilling as it goes back and forth.
We see more bonding going on between Chase and Catch, both were made by the same father so it makes sense. These two seem made for each other.
The art fits the characters nicely. It has a normal appeal so it is not over the top
Brainwreck is a well-dressed criminal. We do get a few surprises on the way. As the comic goes on it does get better and better. The idea of police officers and a robot facing criminals with tech that makes them tough to handle works.
The issue could have used some more excitement to it. The main characters are the best part and their Captain adds some drama to the story.
The two officers form a partnership already growing into a friendship. It will be nice to watch it develop more.

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