RICH REVIEWS: Shows End Vol, 1

Title: Shows End Vol, 1 (TPB)
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Anthony Cleveland
Artist/Cover: Jef Sadzinski
Colorist/Cover: Julian Gonzalez
Letterer: Justin Birch
Price: $ 14.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This book collects issues #1-5.
A young girl runs away to join the carnival. Loralye is a pretty little twelve-year-old girl with a secret inside of her. The carnies accept her into the fold. The towns folk some of them at least want the carnies gone. Things do escalate fast and yes someone gets hurt.
Captain Corley is looking for the carnival and it is easy to see this guy is not very nice you will get the feeling he is downright evil. He even has some friends the Night Deities. These are demonic-looking beings.
The carnies at first do not trust Loralye she attendees the funeral for one of them. The sadness here will bring a tear to your eye. People do come together over a loss and here they do as well. Loralye may not be quite human yet her heart is so full of caring and love. She represents the best of people.
Loralye looks lovely in her circus costume as she performs. Her fellow performers are Copper, Gecks, Bolty, Mr. Twigs, Mr. Rickles, and Pavel. When things go wrong it is Loralye to the rescue. She can think fast on her feet for a little girl.
Captain Corley comes to the carnival and he is hunting the child of an ancient one.
The cemetery where the carny folk bury their dead has a mystery to it and also something scary. Something is going on there and Mr. Rickles knows about it. He is making money from it somehow. He was wrong in what he did and now he must pay for it.
Captain Corley wants Loralye and he has come to take her by force. Loralye is being used. Captain Corley uses her to call upon an ancient one, Aeserott. All out brawl breaks out its circus freaks vs demons and no one can win.
This story at its heart is about a family coming together and staying together. You do not have to be connected by blood to be family. This is a heartfelt read that will make you think.

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