Limited exclusive variants for Mad Cave’s NOTTINGHAM #9, hitting shelves this week!

Nottingham #9
A King’s Ransom
On Sale July 20th!

JULY 18, 2022, (SEATTLE, WA) — Nottingham #9 arrives next week from Mad Cave Studios! Written by David Hazan with art by Shane Connery Volk; colors by Luca Romano and lettered by Justin Birch. This issue includes a variant cover by Miguel Angel Zapata!

Drop by San Diego Comic-Con booth #2306! Exclusives include 50 limited signed Hardcovers of Nottingham Vol.1: Death & Taxes, four Variant Exclusives for SDCC with a print run of 50 each, two of which are early looks to the just announced fall and winter titles from Mad Cave with covers by Joseph Schmalke and Natasha Alterici!

It’s blood and chaos in Nottinghamshire as Marian must take steps to cover her tracks. In Rome, Robin and the Sheriff launch a final, desperate attempt to rescue King Richard from captivity, without men, resources, or the ransom.

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