RICH REVIEWS: Show’s End: The Second Coming # 1

Title: Show’s End: The Second Coming # 1
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Writer: Anthony Leveland
Artist: Jef Sadzinski
Colorist: Fabi Marques
Letterer: Justin Birch
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: There is an odd assortment of characters here. Loralye and her friends are a street performing group. They are being shaken down when a minotaur appears where did it come from? They are curious folk. Is Loralye the minotaur it seems that way from what is being said? Yes, she is. Ok, it was just Loralye thinking about changing into it. It takes a while but eventually what is going on does get explained.
Well, one of the circus folk had enough and went way overboard on getting even. So the little group with Loralye must seek out Sanctuary Glade to get away from it all.
Pavel is one of Loralye’s troup and he may be a killer. He does have good reason to be. Yet Loralye does not think he is. Only time will tell.
There is a lot that needs to be explained here. How did all these people come to be together? A short recap of the first series would have been nice.
Who is that mysterious person following the circus troupe?
Knowing more about the characters is needed to get the reader more involved and more caring as to what happens with each character. The art fits the story and it fits the circus folk giving them a worn-out look with toughness to them. Circus folk are passionate.

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