Title: Nix Vol. 1 (TPB)
Publisher: Red 5 Comics
Co-Creators: Brian Hess & Susan Beneville
Writer: Susan Beneville
Illustrator/Cover: Brian HessColor
Color Flats: Darne Lang & Jules Rivera
Finishes/Logo Design: Greg Eichholzer
Letterer: Justin Birch
Price: $ 17.95 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Nix is a cute little Wyvern Spirit and she is guiding Prince William. His father the King is also teaching him to be able to rule one day. Even as a young boy he must start to learn.
The young Prince starts out on his first adventure. Things start happening around him and to him and his curiosity wants answers.
This is an all-ages book in which the art and writing both reflect. The art is of a cartoon nature.
Both Nix and William’s fathers show up. It turns out these two have history. Nix’s father wants the King’s kingdom and he may be right. The King well he his some mysteries that he has had hidden and they come to light.
The two fathers are not human. King Domnaill has some brave soldiers in Byron and Cedric. Byron acts to protect William and Nix’s father Cathain has power and he uses it.
An old war has started up again it’s Gryphon vs Wyvern. The kids of the two Kings are Empyreal. What exactly does that means we have yet to learn.
William does try to tap into his abilities he is his father’s son. He does not give up.
Domnaill and Cathain in their Empyreal forms engage in a battle of Kings fighting for a kingdom.
Nix talks with her father and things do not go as either wanted. She is going to need help. Nix does try to motivate William only she tries by bullying him, pushing him too hard.
Domnaill and Cathain are in their creature forms and in an intense battle. Nix steps in and tries to make the two stop fighting. The ending here does not say for sure what happened. Did Nix bring the two groups together or not? Has peace come to the land or not?

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