RICH REVIEWS: Shadowflame 20th Anniversary

Title: Shadowflame 20th Anniversary Ultimate Collection
Publisher: Red Anvil Comics
Creator: Joe Martino
Writer: Joe Martino
Pencilers: Joe Martino, Chris Malgrain, Naser Subashi, Rick Buckley Jr., Jeff Austin, Roland Bird, Andie Tong
Inkers: Peter Palmiotti, Naser Subashi, Rick Buckley Jr., Jeff Austin, Jeff Huet
Colorers: Dash Martin, Ian Sokoliwaki, Bryan Magnaye
Letterers: Johnny Lowe, Adam O. Pruett
Shadowflame 1985 Art by Chris Malgrain, Colors by Joe Martino and Dash Martin
Dust Cover A by: John Byrne and Ross Hughes
Dust Cover B by: Joe Martino, Peter Palmiotti and Thomas Mason
Cover Design by: Joe Martin and painted by Tots Valeza
The Wraith Created by: Frank Dirchel
Desiree Created by: Naser Subashi
Price: $ 24.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The 20th-anniversary edition of Shadowflame collects the 4-issue mini-series, the NYCC exclusive one-shot, and other obscure material. Wraparound dust jacket by comics legend John Byrne!
 Prologue: Here we see Tom Wyatt is a police officer and married to a worried wife. The knocking at her door late at night is ominous.
Chapter 1: Choices.
Now Tom suffers a great loss. Then he loses the will to live. This leads to Tom being granted a gift to become a Holy Man of Isht.
Now on the planet Zakraan a man Maldestrak tries to change things. He does change them as he sees fit. At the end does what happens to him? We will see.
Here the origin of Shadowflame is told. The pose of him standing ready for action is a powerful one. The black flames around his hands are a beautiful way to show off his power and give him his name.
The art is stunning as you see Shadowflame. His presence alone is enough so you just know this is a hero.
Chapter 2: Surges.
Killwatt an assassin for hire has Shadowflame in his sights. Also Cyberine and Agent Napalm government agents are after Shadowflame. Killwatt is a powerful foe and the battle with Shadowflame is hard hitting and each gives it their all. Cyberine and Agent Napalm it is surprising and refreshing to see we do not get the obligatory hero vs hero battle.
Shadowflame is one tough super-hero. As he is illustrated that fact is made abundantly clear. Shadowflame is not to be played with.
Shadowflame is tested to see how ready he is to face Maldestrak and he is found wanting. Will he be able to save his planet when the time comes?
Chapter 3: Revelations.
Doctor Anarchy attacks Shadowflame‘s mind. He is in pain but his will is strong. As these two battle, the lovely Desiree enters the scene. Another government agent and she is drawn as a beautiful woman with a big powerful pistol.
We are given a look back at an adventure Tom’s father had as Shadowflame. His father fights one huge gigantic monster.
Back to the present and Maldestrak makes planetfall. He is drawn as a hulking monstrous alien being. The death and destruction has begun. Is this the start of the end for the planet?
Chapter 4: Endgame.
Maldestrak when you see him you will know fear. This huge alien is pure evil. Both the writing and art leave you with no doubt this being is a destroyer of worlds.
Crimson, Barrel, and Caress join in the battle as well as Cyberine and Napalm. It is Shadowflame who steals the show as he pushes himself beyond his limits.
Chapter 5: Bombed.
The Prologue has the Wraith teaming-up with Shadowflame to face Atomico The Living Bomb Blast! Atomico has a colorful costume. The ending here could lead to more action from Shadowflame, one can only hope.
The back of this comic is filled with so many extras. Plus a list of backers from the Kickstarter which includes yours truly.

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