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With this Special, You’ll receive Covers A & B, the Deluxe Art Print, Photocover, Bonus Goodie and JUST for This Bundle a brand new

Faerie Passport Sticker. You may also ADD ON the Studio Cover (TBA) and, The Skyclad -if you wish

now here’s the Story: Tarot#110: “The Dragon Prince” They say that when a Dragon falls in Love, it’s for life.

But what happens when a Dragon Prince falls in love with a Dark Witch who vowed never to fall in love again?!

Will Raven’s darkness swallow up the love of the fiery beast or will the Dragon’s love BURN Raven once again?


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The Dragon Prince

Photocover will feature, Playboy centerfold, Amy Nicole Moore as Raven Hex with the Magic photography of Stacy Hokett

This enchanting photocover is included with the special

Bewitching Artprint also included in the special

Skyclad ed. an ADD-ON or purchase on its own

Tarot#110 ships late May 2018

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