RICH REVIEWS: Shadow Justice # 3

Title: Shadow Justice # 3
Publisher: Genefex Gallery
Story: Joshua Amangala, Randy Ephraim, Genefex Crew
Script and Art: Joshua Amangala
Colors: Chigozie Amandi and Joshua Amangala
Letters: Blambot and Dafont
Editor: Douglas Oruambo
Price: 300.00 Naira / $ .99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Chapter Three: Ultimate Power”
A woman and a priest start out this issue in a battle. The Ravenger is still on the loose with Captain-J is pursuit.
As the Revenger attacks Ephraim the Revenger is a massive sight of raw power. The illustration of Captain-J shooting energy from his gauntlets is a powerful scene of raw emotion. The old woman attacks Ephraim and this changes the tide of battle. She is drawn confident in her power. She is also an evil beauty.
We get to see a God in this issue. He plays a hand in looking after Ephraim. Again more needs to be explained.
We do have both super-heroes and super villains here. For the reader to care more about them we need to know more about them. What makes them who they are and why are they doing what they are?
Ephraim is shown as a hero being born. He does fit into the role perfectly.

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