RICH REVIEWS: Sgt. Flag #1

Title: Sgt. Flag #1
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Story: Rik Offenberger & Gregg Whitmore
Pencils: Bobby Ragland
Inks: Luis Rivera
Color: Téo Pinheiro
Letters: Eric N. Bennett
Cover: Gilbert Monsanto
Variant Covers: Mike Gustovich with Colors by Gilbert Monsanto, Steven Butler with Colors by Gilbert Monsanto, Steven Butler, Rob Liefeld with Colors by Natalia Marques
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Flag is a man of action and has an attitude.
The artwork is a little flat and vague in parts. Sgt. Flag’s new costume does stand out in its patriotic appeal. Sgt. Flag gets his first mission from Agent Kirby. Sterling Morrison is missing and needs to be found and rescued from his kidnappers. Johnny Nitro leads the kidnappers and he is shown with some wild hair. Things move fast in this comic and Sgt. Flag is on the scene and springing into action. Sgt. Flag makes good use of his weapons in close combat. He has a tough guy attitude and backs it up. Pocahontas is only shown briefly she is gorgeous. Sgt. Flag does what he does best in this comic and thats kicks some butt. “Two of a Kind!” Sgt. Flag gets a rescue mission for Wildcard. Both Flag and Wildcard have attitudes. They rub each other wrongly. The action starts up quickly and the bullet starts flying fast and furious. These two F.B.I. agents do end up respecting each other. They also kill a lot of security and do get the job done. Sgt. Flag is a man dedicated to doing the right thing and to drinking a few beers afterward.

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