RICH REVIEWS: G-Men United # 2

Title: G-Men United # 2
Publisher: G-Man Comics
Writers: Eric N. Bennett, Rik Offenberger, Jim Burrows
Artists: Luis Rivera, David Ellis Leary, Bobby Ragland
Colorists: Victor Raniery
Letters: Erik N. Bennett
Main Cover: Ragland/Rivera/Raneiry
Alternate Covers: Fish Lee, Butler/Monsanto, Butler
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 10.00 US
Comments: “Thunder Struck!” Here we see two speedsters Blue Bolt and Thunder Volt. It is a fast chase and ends fast with a villain in cuffs. Blue Bolt then races off to a meeting with the First Guard. The First Guard is just an inspiring name. Blue Bolt and American Eagle walk into the meeting room and they are floored by the announcement or accusation. The end to this part will you you stunned.
“The Double Life of Ali Rashed” Terror Noir is a hero and jumps into action when danger strikes. Only he realizes his superhero identity gets credit while his secret identity is thought to be hiding and a coward. Being a superhero can be tough and not just from the fighting.
This next story has no title and no listing of who worked on creating it. Sgt. Flag gets into a battle with an animalistic man. It does seem as if Sgt. Flag is outmatched and maybe he is yet Sgt. Flag is a man who just does not stop.
“Who is Outrage?” Outrage finds she is good at helping people and captures those with powers. She is drawn with some big muscles and she uses them. So as she becomes a super-hero she chooses a super-hero name Invictus.
You do get to see a few different superheroes here, each one is totally unique. The stories here are presented in an anthology form so they are continued.

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