RICH REVIEWS: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Special Presentation 1-7

Title: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Special Presentation: NORTH AMERICA
Produced and Directed by: Chadden Hunter
Photography by: Bertie Gregory, John Shier, Howard Bourne, Martyn Colbeck, Hugh Miller, Alastair MacEwen, Paul Klaver, Grant Baldwin, Tom Walker
Narrated by: David Attenborough
Run Time: 60 min, 45 sec
Airs: Saturday, January 18 at 9/8c
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: North America is featured in this episode.
Canada’s Yukon is a harsh place for animals to survive. The Canadian Lynx is a beautiful animal. The Canadian wilderness is a vast and beautiful landscape.
The Chum fish is industrious. It does look after its young.
Baby bears are shown here and they are so cute.
There are over one hundred and fifty fireflies in North America and they all flash differently. This episode does deliver lots of interesting facts that you probably do not know.
The Great Plains are shown and so is a tornado it is an awe-inspiring sight and terrifying.
The Road Runner is a funny bird. It does run all around looking for prey.
Manatee is another animal native to North America. We see them playing with an alligator.
There are so many animals of all kinds shown in this show. Polar Bears are so beautiful to watch and they seem so peaceful yet they are great hunters. Polar Bears we do get to see up close as they hunt. Polar Bears are a majestic creature.
On location, scenes get the crew more involved and show them.

Title: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Special Presentation: SOUTH AMERICA
Produced and Directed by: Chadden Hunter
Photography by: Bertie Gregory, Howard Bourne, John Shier, Barrie Britton, Justin Maguire, Mark Payne-Gill, Mark MacEwen, Nick Turner, Cristian Dimitrius, Joao Paulo Krajewski, Pete McCowen
Narrated by: David Attenborough
Run Time: 58 min, 0 sec
Airs: Saturday, January 25 at 9/8c
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The South America episode starts with Pumas. Watching them hunt is exciting. We see a puma fighting for its survival and its cubs as well. This is nature at its best and up close and personal in your face.
Penguins and Sea Lions enjoy each other’s company.
The Cloud Forest you will look at in wonder. This forest is full of wildlife you have never seen before. Angel Falls is a sight that is a must-see this flowing water is just amazing.
Farmland is replacing forests in Columbia. The homes for so many animals are being taken away from them.
The Rain Forest has many colorful inhabitants. Some birds put on a performance that will entertain you.
An anaconda moving underwater is so amazing watching it move up close. You will not believe how close you get to see these animals.
Man is the greatest threat to all the creatures that inhabit this planet.
The on-location segment here focuses on the Pumas. The crew faces hardships doing their job. Seeing a mother puma caring for her young will make you feel for them.

Title: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Special Presentation: ASIA
Produced and Directed by: Emma Napper
Photography by: John Brown, John Aitchison, Jamie McPherson, Hector Skevington-Postles, Jacky Poon, Roger Munns, Tim Laman, Max Hug Williams, Henry M. Mix, Justin Maguire, John Shier, Sandesh Kadur, Tom Crowley, Toby Strong
Narrated by: David Attenborough
Run Time: 57 min, 30 sec
Airs: Saturday, January 25 at 9/8c
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Asia is the largest continent.
Pacific Walrus can weight over a ton. These animals are huge. Here we see their fight to survive.
Snub-Nosed Monkeys are cute things. You will feel pity for them as you see them shivering and freezing. Their leader has a colorful face. You get a look at these monkeys defending their food.
A lizard is shown up close. It is strange watching it walk on two legs. The coloring on the lizards is beautiful. The blue is so rich. Now watching two males fighting over a female they get downright vicious.
The Orangutan has fun in the trees where they live. They like to eat termites and we get a nice look at that.
The Whale Shark is great to see as people feed them. These creatures and many more should not be so small in population.
The On Location segment has an old black and white footage film. They then show the crew following the orangutans. The filming of the local plants is stunning. You get to see every detail up close.

Title: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Special Presentation: AUSTRALIA
Produced and Directed by: Emma Napper
Photography by: Dan Hunter, Ed Saltau, John Brown, Alastair MacEwen, Tom Crowley, John Sheir, Tony Driver, Andre Rerekura, David Parer, Cameron Board, Ewan Donnachie, Roger Munns, Alexander Vail
Narrated by: David Attenborough
Run Time: 57 min, 52 sec
Airs: Saturday, February 8 at 9/8c
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Australia is an island continent. Here we see an amazing land with lots of jungles. The Cassowary
is one big bird with even bigger claws. The relationship between the male and his chicks is nice to see, he protects them.
The Red Flying Fox is so cute. It is something else to watch the alligators feeding on them.
A wombat is a strange-looking beast. Here they must work to survive.
Kangaroos live here too and dingos. We see the cycle of life here. Some must die so others may live.
A Jumping Spider is not something you would want to jump on you. The mating ritual of these spiders is spectacular.
Here you see jungles, grasslands, and a dessert. The Thorny Devil has the most stunning way of collecting water in the desert.
Budgies travel in a flock and here we see over ten thousand in one flock. They are so colorful and present a sight you will want to see. The photography is done so beautifully showing these birds and all the animals in this video.
Even in the water, we see explosive sharks as they attack fish. The sharks are methodical in their hunting. They all work together.
On-Location shows the hardships the crew encounters. They focus on their time with the dingos. Making these videos takes a lot of time and work and it shows in the finished product.

Title: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Special Presentation: EUROPE
Produced and Directed by: Giles Badger
Photography by: Mark MacEwen, James Ewen, Tom Walker, John Shier, John Brown, Justine Evens, Barrie Britton, Bertie Gregory, Lous Labrom, Jonathan Jones, Neil Anderson, Tom Crowley, Rod Clarke
Narrated by: David Attenborough
Run Time: 57 min, 58 sec
Airs: Saturday, February 8 at 9/8c
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The scenery is photographer perfectly as we move through the forest it is like you are there. In Finland, we see some Brown Bears at play and then a mother defending her cubs.
The Northern Lights are gorgeous, they do show a night sky full of beauty.
The way the wolves are shown at night is something else it is a unique look that does show them off well.
A group of monkeys is shown and how they treat each other. Their society works a lot alike to human society.
The European Hamster will make you smile. It is so much fun to watch. It just seems so playful.
The caves in Slovenia are an underground delight to behold. Oms is a creature that only has to eat every decade. This creature is strange if you have not seen its like before you will enjoy this immensely.
On-Location shows the difficulties the crews encounter with the wolves and lynxes.  A thermal camera does give a different look at the wolves. Rain causes problems with the cameras for the lynx, it does clear up eventually.
These episodes just take you right up close and personal with the animals. You will feel like you are right beside them.

Title: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Special Presentation: ANTARCTICA
Produced and Directed by: Fredi Devas
Photography by: John Aitchison, Alexander Vail, Hugh Miller, Rolf Steinman, Mark MacEwen, John Brown, Espen Rekdal, Bertie Gregory, Dan Beecham, Justin Hofman, Robert Hawthorne
Run Time: 51 min, 34 sec
Narrated by: David Attenborough
Airs: Saturday, February 22 at 9/8c
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This series will explore the seven continents; Antarctica, South America, Africa, North America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. The photography is stunning it is the first thing you notice and the narrators’ voice delivers as it holds you making you want to listen to his every word.
Antarctica is up first. It is a hostile place to survive in.
The Wendell Seal is an amazing creature. They have to push themselves especially the pups to live.
King Penguins live here as well. There are a lot of them.
The Bull Seals are huge animals. You would not want to get anywhere near two of them while they are butting heads.
Humpback Whales here they look amazing.
This episode does not only entertains you but it also informs you.
Albatross are shown as well and the close-ups are unbelievable. Cold, wind and storms make it so hard on them.
Orcas are magnificent creatures. The scene here is thrilling as we see them hunting.
Leopard Seal’s hunt King Penguins. Their interplay is something you do not want to miss seeing.
Below the surface of the ice life is teeming.
Humans have devastated the whales but with most countries banning their hunting, they have a chance.
The camera takes you right up close so you feel like you are there. This show is truly amazing.

Title: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Special Presentation: AFRICA
Produced and Directed by: Giles Badger
Photography by: Ted Giffords, Max Hug Williams, Tom Walker, Mark MacEwen, Alastair MacEwen, Bernt Bruns, Alexander Vail, Toby Strong, Barrie Britton, Sophie Darling, Howard Bourne
Run Time: 58 min, 15 sec
Airs: Saturday, February 29 at 9/8c
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Chimpanzees are shown close up as if you are right there in the forest with them. They do even make tools to use showing they are intelligent.
Lots and lots of fish spawning. they are very active and have strange spawning activities.
The landscape of Africa is gorgeous and it has a large variety of scenery. The photography you experience here is amazing.
Cheetahs are a magnificent cat. We see them hunting here. They move slowly at first as they stalk their prey.
The Brown Hyena looks like a dog except for the striped legs. They do have hardships in over to survive.
The animals you see in this series and this episode include ones you probably did not even know existed.
As you watch a Bull Elephant walk along you get the feeling that you are right there beside it. Some can stand on two feet to feed on trees. Seeing this you realize just how amazing animals can be.
It is so sad how many animals are becoming extinct once they are gone they are gone.
“On Location” shows the team finding some Silverback Gorillas. The humans get close to the gorillas. Poachers show up after elephants and it is awful to see that poachers still exist.

Title: Seven Worlds, One Planet – Making Of: Seven Worlds, One Planet
On-Location Production Team: Fredi Devas, Rolf Steinmann, Mark MacEwen, Julien Moniere, Abigail Lees, Jonny Keeling, Kiri Cashell
Series Producer: Scott Alexander
Narrated by: David Attenborough
Run Time: 56 min, 49 sec
Airs: Saturday, March 7 at 9/8c
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Here we get a look at all the difficulties involved in making these nature videos. Here we get the stories from the crew of people who made the videos possible.
There is so much beautiful photography here. The locations are all amazing to see and the animals are so close up it is almost as if they are going to fall into your lap.
The team does go to all seven continents. They film these animals in situations that you would never get to see if not for them. The people involved do love their jobs and dealing with these animals and they work so hard. There are dangers involved here too.
So many animals are shown in these videos from whales, sharks, lions, dingoes and so many others. We see all the animals in their natural habitat.
The people involved in making this series made a great effort to bring you the best show possible. Gorgeous scenes fill this series of animals and places. You will love every minute of it and feel grateful to those who made it all possible.

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